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When leaving the Russian Federation, a foreign national must submit the card to a migration officer at port of exit.

Absence of migration card during the stay in the Russian Federation or at the time of exiting the Russian Federation may bring to administrative liability.

The list of persons entitled to attend the AGM will be based on the Company’s shareholders register as of May 16, 2017. Approval of the Company's accounting (financial) statements. Distribution of the Company's profits (including payment (declaration) of dividends) and losses based on the results of the 2016 year. Payment of remuneration to the members of the Company's Board of Directors. Payment of remuneration to the members of the Company's Revision Commission. Election of members of the Company's Board of Directors. Election of members of the Company's Revision Commission. Also for communication with shareholders the Company provides special e-mail address:[email protected] forum on the issues of the AGM agenda on the Company's website on the Internet at the following address: Completed voting ballots can be sent to the following addresses: - 27 Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Street, Building 2, Moscow, 119435, Russian Federation, PJSC “Inter RAO”; - 18 Stromynka Street, Building 13, Moscow, 107996, Russian Federation JSC “R. The shareholder receives electronic notification about the beginning and the end of early voting.

Along with the visa fees, there is a service charge applicable per visa application: Normal applications (5 working days service): £38.40 (inclusive of VAT) Urgent applications (next working day service): £45.60 (inclusive of VAT) Applicants have the option of paying their visa fees by cash or Credit/Debit card (except American Express) when applying at the Visa Application Centre. Postal Return of Passports: You have the option of having your passport returned, once processed by the Embassy of Russian Federation, via DX Secure at a nominal charge of £ 9.80 (in addition to the visa fees and service charges) to be paid at the time of submitting your application.

The passport will be sent directly to your home/office address as specified by you in a Special Delivery Envelope (SDE).

In order to take part in the Meeting the shareholder or its representative shall have a passport or another identification document, and the shareholder's representative shall also have a power of attorney executed in accordance with the procedure established by laws of the Russian Federation, or another document certifying his/her powers. In case the shareholder did not participate in early voting, a shareholder receives an email invitation to register for the meeting in the "Personal account of the shareholder" for the purposes of completing and submitting an electronic ballot to the Counting Commission during the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The venue of the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of Inter RAO – Conference Hall, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, building 2, Europe square, Moscow, Russian Federation. Voting is accomplished by selecting by shareholder option of voting in an electronic ballot with its subsequent direction to the Counting Commission in "Personal account of the shareholder." Person, exercising rights on securities, if his rights on securities are recorded by the nominal holder, a foreign nominal holder, a foreign organization, having the right in accordance with its personal law to account and transfer rights on securities, participates in the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting and exercises the right to vote in the manner prescribed by article 8.9 of the Federal Law "On Securities Market", using electronic means through the Depositary accounting system.

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