Athlete dating complaints

Inge French filled out the matchmaking company’s online questionnaire and was then invited to a southwest Calgary office for an interview.

She says she took personality tests and answered questions for hours and was assured that she would meet the perfect match.

The complaint must be recorded once it has been received.Resolving complaints in real-time at the lowest possible level is encouraged.(*Note: This is not an investigation as neither the sponsor nor the State agency has the authority to conduct complaint investigations.Academic Honor Code Code of Conduct Student Grievance Policy Policy Prohibiting Illegal Harassment and Discrimination Student Grievance Policy for Students with Disabilities Sexual Harassment Policy Sexual Assault Policy Inspection and Release of Student Records Undergraduate Grade Appeals Process Suspension Appeals Residency Appeals Financial Aid Appeals The student may also utilize the UNC Pembroke Student Grievance Policy.The objective of this grievance process is to ensure that students have the opportunity to pursue a grievance if he or she believes a University employee has violated his or her rights.