Bf2 server list not updating

This is done by creating a shortcut to the server executable (BF2_w32ded.exe) and applying startup parameters to it.The syntax for the parameters are as follows: config " Example: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2 Server\BF2_w32ded.exe" config C:\map List C:\This setup is designed primarily for Ranked Server Partners.Note that clicking on “Start” again will set the server to auto-restart if it should end unexpectedly. Installing the Linux Dedicated Server ========================================= Copy the install archive onto your server PC and double click it to begin the installation.Select “Run in a Terminal” from the resulting pop up.Also note that Cooperative mode is not supported on Ranked servers.If Cooperative mode is selected on a Ranked server the ranking system will be disabled while the Coop map plays.Note that if you are carrying out a remote installation using SSH or other remote admin tool you may need to use the “chmod” command to allow the correct file access privileges.

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Use the up and down arrows to re-order the maps in the right hand window.

Please ensure the time and date are set correctly before starting the game server.

====================================================== V. Configuring and starting the Linux Dedicated Server ====================================================== The command files for the Linux server are stored in the following folder: Battlefield 2 - /BF2/Mods/xpack/Settings The files are called “serversettings.con” which holds all of the settings for the server, and “maplist.con” which contains all of the settings for which maps to load, what size and in which order to run them.

Max Players” value in the “serversettings.con” file.

Adding a map size to the map list is useful for running small maps with larger numbers of players, for example running a 32 player map with 64 players.