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Corresponding to the shift in what we are willing to see, and therefore in what we see, is the corruption of the language. Important words lose their meaning and assume a different vital force: replaced by mostly unperceived confusion, to the gain of intellectuals, who like so many unscrupulous investors, know how to profit from cultural decay.Here, in short, is the story of our time’s cowardly sensibility, which does not signify a grasp of how things are—more complex than we can ever know, more limited than we can ever bear—but a delusional desire that they be far, far better from the prevailing tragedy of human history.

On your ticket, does the supposedly "red" light look yellow? In addition to the defects listed on this page (below), on the Camera Towns page there is more discussion of the defects as they relate to specific cities or counties. The defects below are listed in the chronological order they came to my attention, with the newest ones at the end." Or you could say, more formally, "I request dismissal of this ticket as there isn't proof beyond a reasonable doubt that I was driving the vehicle." The preceding two phrases are not testimony, so give you the added advantage that if the judge asks you, "Well then, who is it? If you want more information about see the traffic school Editorial on the Links/Ref page. Are you worried that you may have had your picture taken in the last few days? Vehicle Code Section 210 requires that the photo be "clear," so the lack of the required clear photo was part of my challenge to the ticket. The ticket said that I could go to the police station and be shown the original photo, so I did, and it was just as blurry.