Dating customs in holland

In many Dutch cities, the King's Day festivities start the night before the actual holiday this is a special celebration called ‘King’s Night’.

Live shows and concerts are held on city squares and you can enjoy the festive atmosphere in many pubs and cafés that turn orange for the occasion, for instance in The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Municipal and government organisations are closed, however.

Searching for hidden (chocolate) Easter eggs is a beloved tradition in Holland.

In Holland there are a multitude of official and traditional holidays that the Dutch enjoy celebrating.

On the first of January, some Dutch people greet the New Year by taking an invigorating plunge into cold water, for instance the traditional New Year’s Day ´Dip in the Sea´ on the beach in Scheveningen.

On the fourth of May, the Day of Remembrance, special ceremonies are held in many cities and towns in Holland, to remember and honor both the civilians and the military personnel who have died as victims of wars and military peace-keeping missions.

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In addition, the American tradition of Valentine’s Day is gaining in popularity each year. The day before Easter, Good Friday, is a national holiday but some people still have to work depending on what they do.

Small ice skating rinks are set up in many cities and villages.

Holland celebrates two days of Christmas: 1st and 2nd Christmas Day.

On that day, the so-called (Princes’ Day, also called ‘Budget Day’), the ruling monarch holds a ‘Speech from the Throne’ to publicly announce the political guidelines and budget for the coming year.

On this day as well, the Royal Family rides through The Hague in a parade in the horse-drawn ‘Golden Coach’. Nicolas, who is called in Holland, is celebrated on December 5.