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This research reminds us of the caution we should accord to every fossil reconstruction.Locality: Irtish river, Tyumen region, Russia All bones are natural with exception of horns - horns usually are not fossilized, we made replicas Price: 0,000 USD ---------------------- Mammoth #1 Big mammoth skeleton (Mammuthus primigenius) Size 6 x 3.5 (height without stand) Age - 40 000 - 50 000 y.a.Locality: Irtish river, Tyumen region, Russia Price: 550 000 USD ---------------------- Mammoth #2 Baby mammoth skeleton (Mammuthus primigenius) In USA Size Size 4,5 L x 1,55 W x 2.25 H Age - 40 000 - 50 000 y.a.This original fossil mammoth skeleton measures 10 feet 5 inches tall and 5 feet wide. An Ice Age Favorite this Mastodon was found in Michigan.With a total body length of 16 feet 1 inch (from tail to tip of the tusk) it truly is mammoth in size. A female skeleton, The near complete skull was found with many of the ribs and vertebra. The mastodon is 9 ft tall 16 feet long and 6 feet wide. Phone (314) 556-0650 or email us Ground Sloth Skeleton Megalonyx The complete mounted skeleton offered here is from a private collection.