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This very early, unbound and unserialized Les Paul Goldtop dates back to 1952–the first year of production–and remains in pristine condition over six decades later.

The recipient of over a half-century of quality care and adoration, this guitar still possesses its original pickups and wiring and is very playable with low action, despite the year’s shallow neck angle.

Included is the original hardshell case and case candy making this ’69 Tele a true museum piece for the discerning Telecaster enthusiast!

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A lightweight and extremely resonant solid ash body, refretted neck featuring a modernized 12” radius, minimally updated components–this truly timeless guitar brings the sound and feel of a ‘50s classic to the modern player looking for deep bends with a lower action. Leo Fender spent the majority of the 1950s gradually perfecting design of the Stratocaster.

It's widely believed that in 1957, those efforts finally came to fruition.

Never have we received a Strat that truly embodies that pivotal period of transition like this one, with a plethora of groundbreaking features that were realized in that year. Vintage Martin acoustics are famous for their tone and this one has it in spades.

From the 2-Tone Sunburst color, to Leo's perfect body contour, to the highly desirable "’57 V" neck profile, every aspect of this period-correct instrument makes it an outstanding find. The Brazilian Rosewood body gives this acoustic the ability to sing out loud whether you're strumming or fingerpicking.

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The finish is lustrous and glossy and has mellowed to a subtle ivory color.

The fretboard and frets on the maple neck with maple cap (Fender reintroduced one-piece maple necks in early 1969 after a ten year absence) are perfect with absolutely no player wear.

Dating slingerland snare drums