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You will see very few tourists in this area if any at all, but instead a few locals who invite you to dine in their bamboo shelters right on the lake.Nearby must-visits are the 12th century Ta Prohm Khmer temple (second picture) and the Tonle Bati Pagoda (third picture) just opposite.The National Museum rounds off a visit to the adjacent Grand Palace quite well.It’s a beautiful Khmer style wooden building with a large courtyard and pond in the center.A taxi will usually quote you 50 USD return, however 30-40 USD are a good bargain.A Tuk Tuk can be a lot more fun as the views along the way are nicer (mostly rice farms, villages & village girls) and a fair price for hiring a driver for the day is around 25 USD.

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There are locals selling everything from handicrafts, paintings, Buddha statues, clothes, watches, sunglasses, tourist crap etc.Tuk Tuks charge 15-20 USD return from downtown Phnom Penh.If you’ve been to Bangkok and enjoyed the Chatuchak Weekend Market then chances are that you’ll also like the Central Market in Riverside Phnom Penh.However even the surrounding park itself is worth a visit as it is the only one in the area.The roundabout and park at Wat Phnom is also a hotspot for Cambodian Street Hookers at night.