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Think of it as a replacement for all of the apps you have downloaded.

Instead of opening the weather app to see the temperature, you can ask a bot and it will tell you the weather instead.

It's definitely being hyped up, but at the same time they could radically change the way we use our phones and the computer.

That's because chatbots unlock "conversation as a platform," as Microsoft CEO Nadella put it.

But we're now at a point where are "smarter." They can store, synthesize, and recall lots of information, like your credit card number or home address, to help make your life easier.

In the future, you could just say "I wonder if it will rain today" and a chatbot would know your location and be able to answer conversationally whether you should bring an umbrella. If you ask it what the weather will be in San Francisco, it can easily answer.But they were always for fun and weren't quite as useful as the bots that companies like Facebook and Microsoft are so excited about.Many people think we're finally at the point where chatbots can be more than entertaining or useful for simple requests, so that's why people are getting obsessed.They can grow on both coniferous and hardwood species.They are white-rot fungi with enzymes that allow them to break down wood components such as lignin and cellulose.