Disney channel stars dating

We've got love on the brain — particularly small-screen love.

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Seymour stars as Janet Force, the mother of the series protagonist, Joe Force (Matt Jones).Season 2 continues to follow the lives of Andi, her friends, and family.USA Network announced its fall schedule, including the air date of the new series “Damnation” on Tuesday, Nov. The co-production from Universal Cable Productions and Netflix follows a bloody battle set in the 1930s as the fight between the rich and poor escalates.She said: 'It's basically about a guy who is going on a planned a trip with his wife, finds out that she's cheating on him, and his best friend jumps in last minute, and it's their adventures in Thailand and the people they sort of come across, and the crazy adventures that happen when you go on a trip across the world.'It's been incredible. 'Seth directed and wrote and starred in it, and this has been in the making for the last seven years, so he made it happen, it was incredible - it was like, Changeland for me.'That sounds super cheesy but, like, I came back like a different person.'And she admitted working on the film felt like she was with her 'best friends' all the time. Everyone was lovely, we just got to go to Thailand and hang out with our best friends for five weeks.'Macaulay used to date Mila Kunis, who is now married to Ashton Kutcher.