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Additionally, creating alignment not only provides a focus for your plan, but also a means to assess or measure the success and impact of your strategy.

Aligning your HR technology strategy should go beyond just aligning to the overall organizational goals, but should also include alignment to critical business units.

“Agility is the new currency of the economy” (as was written in The Changing World of HR Technology: 2012 Report Card and technology plays a crucial role in an organization’s ability to remain competitive and better able to deal with an ever-changing business environment.

With Saa S, HR now has the keys to the technology and no longer needs to call upon IT to make changes to the software; enabling HR to quickly improve the design of HR systems and processes quickly to meet the needs of the business.

To effectively own the strategy, HR must: Not having alignment to the business strategy is like putting up drywall without first framing the house.

The new wave of HR technology (driven by the growing popularity of cloud-based HR) does not require much heavy lifting, and the space is ripe for a few wide-eyed, technically savvy HR employees to help shape the future of the function.

Software-as-a-service (Saa S) platforms can be deployed much faster and are highly configurable.