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We are currently looking for males/females of all ages with fluent Irish for the upcoming Series in Autumn 2012.

Originally manufactured in Ireland by Murray, and now manufactured in Denmark by Mac Baren. This is standard and traditional VA and Burley with a light casing of Plum just as the ingredients/marketing and reviews state. I found this blend really tasty and a great add to my rotation.

MP3 players/mobile phones without adequate speakers will not be accepted.

Acts will be auditioned on a first come, first served basis.

After filming has taken place across the twelve locations, the producers will select five acts from each location.

The five acts selected will be shown on Elev8 along with a clip depicting the entire day’s filming.

Has a very pleasant after taste with a nice room note.

An all day smoke that doesn't wear out its welcome during the day.

Perhaps you learnt a music instrument as a child and hold a secret regret you gave it up.

Bought a tin and just rubbed out the whole lot on to a large piece of newspaper. Next, into a jar and left in the dark for another full day. A great thick 'proper' smoke with a wonderful dose of the ' N'. Another 30 minutes later and I'm still sipping away, wanting to get another drink but feeling like I am tattooed to the chair. This Flake just keeps getting better and better, rounder, fuller and slightly sweeter. It also has a very pleasant aroma as the Plum revels itself there are well. The toppings have a light plum, but I notice the taste of fruity berries more often.

Third day, emptied back out on to the paper and left out again for 12 hours this time. I'm fully aware that our more experienced pipe smokers here don't need to be told of the wonders of allowing your 'baccy to age a little, with a few days extra curing etc., but if you're fairly new to the hobby, please give it a go. After the half way point, it does diminish to some extent, but you'll taste it all the way through.

Acts that cannot be facilitated will be notified of another audition centre that they can attend on a later date.

Acts may not be facilitated due to a large volume of auditionees or if the location does not suit the needs of their specific act. You are standing on stage, it is a full house and you are about to perform a solo with the critically acclaimed RTÉ Concert Orchestra.