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18, 1949, in Salt Lake City, the second of three brothers.

His parents, Thomas Newton Ridgway and Mary Rita Ridgway, lived in a rented room near a local high school, according to a recent report in The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Ridgways moved to a house in what is now the City of Sea Tac in 1960. 175th St., in a neighborhood called Mc Micken Heights. Winslow remembered Mary Ridgway yelling at her husband "continually." In court documents, Winslow described seeing Mary break a dinner plate over her husband's head. As a child, he played regularly with Eddie, the youngest brother. The Ridgway boys and their father tinkered constantly in the garage. Revard also recalls the Ridgway parents were strict, especially with the two younger brothers.

Shaggy shrubs and trees conceal the view from the road, but in the old days, the yard was wide and open -- big enough for family football games. The mother would scream at the boys, he said, and the father would spank them.

He wasn't, but he told Marcia he once applied to be an officer and was turned down. During their first sexual encounters, he called her "Claudia." Court documents say they lived together for a year and married in December 1973. Ridgway introduced Winslow to his favorite South King County haunts for outdoor and in-car trysts: Back roads and wooded dead ends in Maple Valley, Enumclaw and North Bend. Shady spots near Star Lake and along the banks of the Green River. He picked through the refuse at dump sites, searching for items that might be worth selling. Buying and selling at garage sales and swap meets was a hobby throughout Ridgway's life, according to neighbors and co-workers.

KENWORTH By the time of his marriage to Winslow, Ridgway was well established at Kenworth's Seattle plant.

When Ridgway returned, Claudia was living with a female friend and a male roommate. The couple tried to salvage their marriage, but the effort was brief.

He sometimes tied up his sex partners, and by his own admission, pursued prostitutes with the ardor of a parched alcoholic.

In racially charged terms, Ridgway claimed Claudia had moved in with several men and become a prostitute. MARCIA Around the middle of 1972, Ridgway met a woman who was cruising the Renton loop. Ridgway pulled her over in what Marcia described as "a police-like stop," court documents say.

With his short hair and military manner, Marcia thought he could have been a police officer.

I went to school with this guy.' "It was really sad.

He never exhibited anything like an oddity that way toward women or anything that I would see that would make me suspect him of having that kind of personality." FROM SALT LAKE TO SEATAC Ridgway was born Feb.