Getting values from database and validating in javascript

Given a model populated with user inputs, you can validate the inputs by calling the yii\base\Model::validate() method.The method will return a boolean value indicating whether the validation succeeded or not.When yii\base\Model::validate() is called, it will call two methods that you may override to customize the validation process: To validate attributes only when certain conditions apply, e.g.the validation of one attribute depends on the value of another attribute you can use the when property to define such conditions. The following examples shows how to trim the spaces in the inputs and turn empty inputs into nulls by using the trim and default core validators: You may also use the more general filter validator to perform more complex data filtering.

You may configure these error messages like configuring other properties of validators in a validation rule.It enhances the user experience of the application.By listening this event, we can do whatever we want to inform user about the validation process.In this article I am going to show how to get values from controls like Text Box, Radio Button List, Drop Down List, Check Boxes.This picture is the UI screenshots of the the code I am going to present in this article Get video tutorials of hundreds of ASP. Index == 6) } problem & Requirement: Firsttime it behaves properly.