Good dating would you rather questions

‘Would You Rather’ is one of the most popular games that is often played at parties and social gatherings.

This game poses a dilemma in question form beginning with “would you rather”.

Many people are unable to talk openly about their fantasies, so this game provides an easy means by which your can explore this part of your partner but in a playful manner.

Some of these questions are fun, flirty and some of them are very naughty, but they will certainly give you a few hints into what type of person he/she is and what type of relationship he/she prefers.

Chemistry, or feeling like you “click” with another person, is a natural part of a deepening relationship, and a wonderful part of falling in love, but unfortunately, chemistry is sometimes confused with infatuation, which can be fleeting.

By playing this game, you will be able to find out more about each other and understand each other’s sexual likes and dislikes.

At the end, if both of you like each other’s answers, you could use it to improve your relationship and add a “new” spark to the bedroom and your sex life.

Many couples, especially younger ones, start their married lives together without a large income, and possibly with debt.

This can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t necessarily delay marriage.

Good dating would you rather questions