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This document contains the individual synthesis papers developed by each of the Forum working groups on these key areas, as well as issue specific papers on an Aboriginal Health Institute, pharmaceuticals and women's health.The Values working group sought to understand the values and principles that Canadians hold about health and health care, so that the system continues to reflect and respond to these values.The working group also drew from the consultations with the public and with stakeholders in arriving at the analysis, conclusions and recommendations which are presented in the Determinants of Health Working Group Synthesis Report .

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They conducted a thorough review of international trends in health expenditures, use of resources, and outcomes.The Striking a Balance Working Group Synthesis Report contains the analysis, conclusions and recommendations which the group has drawn from this commissioned work, their deliberations, and the Forum's discussion process.The Determinants of Health working group sought to answer the question, In these times of economic and social hardship, what actions must be taken to allow Canadians to continue to enjoy a long life and, if possible, to increase their health status?To explore Canadian core values that are connected to the health care system and to understand the implications for decision making, the group conducted some original public opinion research, using scenarios or short stories which addressed many of the issues being investigated by the other working groups of the Forum. Quantitative research supplemented the focus groups making the findings more generalizable.The group also contributed to a review of public opinion research on health and social policy.