Intj men and dating

In addition, INTJs place a high focus on education and career, placing little thought on relationships until they feel that they have the time.Finally, they do not naturally display their emotions, which can be mistaken by others for a lack of affection or disinterest.I value our friendship because of her own personality.Much like Dan said, we are drawn to old souls and kind hearts.Because they are able to see the objective realities of any situation, they generally know what is working and what is not.They are able to steer the relationship in the right direction to promote its healthiness and depth of connection.The partners of INTJs admire their abilities to make the right decisions, whether in regards to the relationship, financial matters, or parenting.

During a Relationship INTJs form relationships that are honest, stable, and meaningful.

What I forgot to mention is I have a very bad habit of going off track with my responses and this applies ( as far as I know ) specifically to me as a Male INFJ, and doesn't need to be entirely true at all to others who share my type.

Thu, GMT I don't think I've ever met an INFJ, INTJ or INFP man - certainly never one who acknowledged themselves as such.

They can bring the couple to an exceptional level of closeness and understanding.

Few people besides their intimate partners will be able to appreciate the INTJ's level of depth and complexity.