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Selena even described it as going to "the biggest high school in the world." Given the fact that Selena and Demi both met as little kids during a audition, they were as close as could be – but not Miley.

That’s when her team and her family told her, ' You need to go into rehab.' I remember being in South America, and fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that we kicked her off the 2010 tour, and they just hated on us for it. The singer also offered his theory about why Disney stars grow up and ditch their clean-cut images.They were very much the "Kids of the Future," as they're all legit killing it at life basically a decade later – and yes, we're just full of Jo Bro puns. But first, let's break down their relationships with one another because it's altogether fascinating, tbh. A few of 'em dated, some had headline-making feuds – heck, the Jonas Brothers even broke up, despite being heavily supported by millions of fans (yeah, we're still a bit bitter).He really pulled back the curtain on the pressures that Disney kids feel and what it's like to be a famous teenager with a multi-million dollar brand to protect.Jonas, who says that he is not religious but has a relationship with God, first spoke about his coupling with Lovato.