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PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE LISTED TEACHER OF THE CLASS WILL BE THERE THE DAY YOU ARE SCHEDULED AS TEACHERS OCCASIONALLY GET SICK OR ARE OUT OF TOWN AND A SUB WILL REPLACE THEM. Saturday afternoons will be intended for individual lessons with the students with the focus on the score analysis followed by the group conducting seminar afterwards.The conducting seminar will be focused on discussing the conducting techniques and focusing each time on particularly selected topics (for example history of conducting, psychological part of conducting, rehearsal strategies, conducting business etc..) Sunday afternoons will be intended for rehearsals with the ensemble/s and have the conducting students regularly conduct part of the rehearsals as well.The children’s program includes working with children through music games; for teens there will be more ear training and quizzes on basic music theory; for adults the program is expanded and includes advanced sight reading, ear training, singing in four parts, and practicing harmony.The program for teens and adults also includes the elements of pop music notation and chord charts. The curriculum includes music notation with explanation of Italian music terms, acoustics, and musical elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, articulation, timbre, dynamics, texture, and form.The New York Conservatory of Music offers a wide range of music instruction to students of all levels and ages.

To make a donation, please call the office at 212-717-9590.

FAMILY FUN – a program dedicated to parents and students.

During the lesson small chamber groups will compose and create their own music.

Jerzy Stryjniak and his wife, musicologist Joanna Stryjniak.

The school, located on lovely tree-lined 69th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, is easily accessible to all means of public transportation.