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Writer, actor, musician and stand-up comic Lane Moore explores the hilarious pitfalls of our attempts to find True Love during her interactive show Tinder Live!

Moore will offer tips and tricks for Tinder users and hopefully answer some of our own burning questions” —Gothamist “Sure, you could go to a comedy show at Caroline’s…but you could also go see something like Tinder Live with Lane Moore at The Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she takes the audience through “real-time swiping”…If a date took me to something like that, I would be suitably impressed.” —Rachel Kramer Bussel, via Thought Catalog.

Moore transforms the banter on a dating app into compelling long-form improvisation. Moore, a cagey and humane performer, has developed an instinct for turning the raw materials of sexually charged chat with ordinary strangers into honed and generous jokes.

“Tinder Live” has a comic momentum and energy that is unusual.

When one person intentionally manipulates and exploits another’s weakness or insecurity, there’s no other word for it.” Love bombing adds another layer to ghosting in that the person really lays it on thick prior to disappearing, leaving you pining for more, at which point the person has already found a new victim on Tinder.

Archer recommends taking things slow at the beginning of any relationship so that you are more prepared in the event that it does turn out to be emotional manipulation.

This could be this generation’s version of The Dating Game.” —Hello Giggles“Remember watching Mystery Science Theater with your friends in college?

Well, I recently went to the dating version of that. and it’s a comedy show about the darker side of online dating.

The critically acclaimed show is an anything-can-happen interactive comedy showstopper with helpful and oftentimes ridiculous tips, tricks, and real-time swiping and messaging (and sometimes even real-time phone calls and texting with Tinder matches)!

As the profiles got weirder and weirder, suddenly all of the late nights we spent on these apps, lying alone in bed, trying to maintain a conversation with an apathetic stranger who “loves coffee and working out,” felt somehow validated. Moore isn’t cynical about love, she’s just put in a lot of time in the trenches.” —New York Magazine“New York comedy nerds know Lane Moore from her sold-out “Tinder Live” shows at the Bell House, where she hilariously rips apart arrogant, misogynist, or frightening creepers, while genuine, sweet, or earnest schlubs receive a merciful left swipe and remain unmocked.” —Village Voice, who listed Lane Moore in their Best Of NYC“Tinder Live captures all the magic of this truly ridiculous era in app-based dating in real time.

You’ll relate to Moore’s live-swiping and laugh at her reactions and messages to would-be suitors.” —Vulture, who listed Tinder Live in their list of vital NYC comedy shows Dating in New York City is terrible. With clear eyes and a skeptical heart, Lane Moore delivers the gift that is Tinder Live!

If you’ve ever been on an online dating site, you need to see this show.

“[Tinder Live is] truly addictive entertainment…[it’s] ingenious.