Newsstand covers not updating

To test things out, I deleted the Atom feed URL, deleted all covers in i Tunes Connect and added the feed URL it again, which resulted in the data and cover of an older entry being taken as "current issue". My feed looks like this: We are having the same issue with tens of our magazines in Apple's newsstand in the company I work.

The format of my feed has not changed, the cover PNGs have the correct dimension (1024 pixel height) and it has been working for almost a year before. We filled a bug report on Apple's bug reporter, we've sent them 15 app ids related to the problem with no response.

Subscriptions Refunds If you had an active subscription to The Scientist, The Harvard Business Review, Barron's Magazine or Reason Magazine on 02/28/2014, your subscription was cancelled and a pro-rated refund was provided to the credit card that was used for your purchase.

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I have a couple of Newsstand apps out, with an Atom feed connected in i Tunes Connect to update the latest issue metadata (title, cover image, summary).

In the last weeks, I experienced problems - i Tunes Connect did not update the data from new issues that were published and appeared in the Atom feed.

You may find that local publications are missing from the newsfeed - after all the reason for the delay in getting the News app in your country may be because Apple needs some time to do official deals with local publications.

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What if you live outside of the UK, Australia or America: if there any way to get the Apple News app?

OK, seems I found at least a hack: Previously, the overall feed updated date (3rd line) was always set to the publishing date of the current issue (because that is the date when the feed content last changed, right?

The details can be found in the Newstand FAQ found How is the push notification that initiates the Newsstand background download different from other push notifications?