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In nest number two the female laid three eggs, unfortunately one was lost when the female flew out the nest with it still attached to her! The remaining two eggs successfully hatched and fledged.

Did you know the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal on earth?

Three Barn Owl chicks survived and successfully fledged. As the name suggests, this species is happy to take advantage of man-made features when nesting and regularly raises its young in buildings.

Barn Owls typically incubate their eggs for 32 days and chicks will spend around 50 to 60 days in the nest before taking their first flight.

The male couldn’t support the remaining chicks on his own and as a result all four chicks died.

The last chick took his time fledging but he got there in the end!The chicks will spend the best part of three months in the nest, before striking out on their own.The Storks had a slightly rough start this year losing three of their five chicks due to poor weather conditions but the two chicks that did survive grew up to be healthy and strong and provided us with a great insight into the life of a Stork chick.As small birds, Great Tits' incubation time is relatively short at around two weeks, and chicks are normally fledged within three weeks of hatching.You can help your local Great Tits raise their young this spring by providing them with a combination of seeds, nuts and live food.