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These days, "Real World" and "Challenge" vet Devyn Simone is helping folks navigate the online world of dating -- but the MTV cast member will no longer need any assistance landing Mr. The "Battle of the Seasons" and "Free Agents" finalist -- who memorably had a romantic connection with fellow competitor Big Easy -- tweeted her big relationship news shortly after accepting her beau's proposal.Fittingly, Dev made a stupendous reference to her "Challenge" days when revealing her life-changing update.was the original reality show, debuting on MTV in 1992.And from the very first season in Los Angeles, there was a lesbian.

She is a model but doesn’t appear to maintain much of a public presence since her last TV appearance in 2010.

"I've been enjoying my engagement-moon with my new fiancé! Oh the irony," the Missouri native posted, along with a collage-style photograph showing off her new bling.

Well, this autumnal hike doesn't look nearly as treacherous as scaling a sand dune in Namibia or climbing a volcano in Chile..she's with her husband-to-be!

D., the gender conflict in the house, with Ryan and Chet taking issue with what they saw as Sarah's lack of sincerity and prejudice, and the cast's feelings about Ryan's recall.

It is revealed that Ryan and Belle broke up, and that he and Baya are in a relationship.