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Cameron said he was prepared to consider strengthening the welfare proposals in the bill to implement the Smith Commission agreement, which will involve the Scottish Parliament adjusting benefit levels.The Scottish Government also wants powers on employment, National Insurance, minimum wage and equality legislation.There are already plenty of laws against incitement to racial hatred or terrorism. He came out with the extraordinary proposition last week that Britain had been too "passively tolerant" of people who remained within the law but encouraged terror.His message appeared to be: don't think you can escape the law simply by obeying it.Dunlop isn't an MP, so he had to be ennobled first. The first encounter between Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron on Friday however was all very diplomatic.

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The Conservatives have pledged to make a further £12bn a year in cuts to the welfare budget.

The promise to introduce "English votes for English laws" will have to be honoured somehow, though the Scottish MPs will oppose any attempts to exclude them from nominally "English" legislation, such as tax changes in the Budget, that have a financial impact in Scotland.

David Cameron has made his intentions regarding Scotland pretty clear by installing Margaret Thatcher's former poll tax adviser, Andrew Dunlop, as a minister in the Scotland Office.

The SNP supports the idea of public service broadcasting and wants the licence fee retained.

But there are many in the party who would like to see the BBC's wings clipped on account of its coverage of the independence referendum campaign.