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The Associated Press poll did not include bowl games in those days, and its final vote showed Pittsburgh (9-0-1) as the national champion. They had come too far, bonding together with too much heart, to consider anything but the loftiest recognition.And the price of admission that day, as confirmed by a ticket in Wilhelm’s possession: 4 dollars and 40 cents.Family photos are handsomely displayed throughout his immaculate dwelling.What I noticed, more than anything, was the gleam in his eye, suggesting a man still very much in command of his life.

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The only blemish on their record was a 0-0 tie against Washington, although Wilhelm distinctly remembers a teammate, Perry Schwartz, laying out one of the Huskies on a kickoff return.

He continues to get his exercise on a walker and thrice-weekly physical therapy, with a wheelchair for longer jaunts.

He’s been a daily reader of The Chronicle for as long as he can remember, and he spends a great deal of time following Cal sports, the Giants and the Warriors on television.

It’s a remarkable experience to interview someone who lived through the Great Depression, played football against Jackie Robinson, and sprung into action as a member of the U. He has lived there for 20 years, pressing on after the death of his beloved wife, Doris, in October 2012. The couple had been happily married for 72 years, dating to their days at Cal.

But this is a man of great determination and resolve, with a support group paying strict attention to his care and medical treatment. If you miss it the first time, you just have to wait, and it’s gonna come back around.” Bob grew up in St.