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The turtles' use of it's flippers as paddlers for swimming is amazing.

The most efficient undersea paddlers are the giant sea turtles.

This volume gathers 88 contributions related to the theme ‘Ships and Maritime Landscapes’ of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 13) held in Amsterdam on the 7th to 12th October 2012. as a paraliterary narrative, this monograph sheds new light on this novel and its position within the Greek novelistic corpus, whilst also offering a more nuanced understanding of intertextuality and paraliterature.

Zijn bijdrage aan de eerste ontwikkeling van Flevoland was zo belangrijk dat de naam 'startmotor van Flevoland' op zijn plaats is.

Newborn hatchling turtles swim about 25 miles (40 km) in 30 hours on average.

Female turtles usually swim at a faster pace than that of their babies or the male turtle in order to protect their young from predators.

Clumsy and almost helpless on land (they have to come ashore to lay their eggs) they are fast migrators in the sea and can reach speeds of 10 knots and are very agile.

In conclusion, although the turtle is generally a slow moving reptile, it is a misconception that it is the slowest reptile in existence.Here’s why that’s important: being a Prius is the very point of the Ioniq’s existence. Ask yourself why the Ioniq was priced as aggressively as it is. It happened because Hyundai- for all its recent goodness- still plays second fiddle to Toyota and Honda in the hearts and minds of the Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers who, you know, actually buy brand-new cars.Ask yourself why Hyundai used an Ioniq to start chasing speed records just as Toyota started to release commercials touting the then-new 4th-gen Prius’ alleged sportiness. To old guys like me and Steve, Toyota makes a reliable car. You can’t go wrong with a new Honda, either- and you can see that decades-old belief manifest in things like the Car List I published several weeks back (more on that in a minute). Despite its best-in-the-business warranty, we still remember the old first-gen Elantras and Excels too well to put Hyundai up on that pedestal. Keep in mind, I didn’t say the Hyundai Ioniq was “a better Prius”, because we don’t know if that’s true.They are powerful swimmers and run on land with startling speeds.Soft-shell turtles are more active and mobile and are able to strike with the speed of a snake and the agility of a mammal.