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The Baron would sit directly beneath the royal coat of arms of James VI of Scotland and I of England when holding his Courts of Barony - signifying that his powers of justice came directly from the King. The missives of sale will bind the following contents to remain at Earlshall Castle in perpetuity:1. On the opposite side of the ceiling are the allegorical figures of the Seven Virtues, and numerous smaller squares contain fabulous creatures and mythological beasts.

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As well as being famous for golf, St Andrews is well known for its University which is one of the oldest in Britain and for the Byre Theatre. 36 yews have been clipped into fanciful shapes planned in the form of four saltires.The Long Gallery His son, also called Sir William, and his wife, Dame Agnes Lindsay were responsible for the famous painted ceiling in the Long Gallery which many consider to be the castle's crowning glory. Earlshall Gardens and Parkland are listed on Historic Scotland's Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes. At the roundabout in Leuchars turn right into the village.Painted the full length of the 50 foot long roof in grey and black tempera, are the coats of arms of the principal noble families of Scotland as well as those of European royalty and totally imaginary nobles such as David, King of Jerusalem, Hector, Prince of Troy, and Arthur, King of Britain. The second spiral stairs lead up from the Laird's study to: Bedroom 2: (Lorimer Room). Farm Number Earlshall is a registered agricultural holding - Ref: 78/428/0076Fixtures and fittings The candlelit chandeliers are moveables and are excluded. An inventory of furniture will be made available for purchase at a price to be agreed in addition to the sale price. Pass the Church and turn left and then immediately right onto Earlshall Road. The Gate House to Earlshall is on the right after about 0.5 miles.Ghost of the Bloody Bruce and Decline of the Castle Sir William was succeeded by his son Sir Andrew who in turn was succeeded by his son of the same name. He was the most notorious Baron of Earlshall and was known as the Bloody Bruce.