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But you might just have the same level of talent, and in many ways you are what golf has been searching for.Jordan Spieth will likely, one day, complete the Grand Slam and he will surely become a golfing great, but that is why the comparisons are needless and the path he must take is obvious - he must be the Dallas born, basketball-loving guy he is. Combine that with this level of talent and everything will take care of itself.So it's a good start, but there is a long way to go." Of course there is.Time always passes at the same speed and it will be up to Spieth to continue on his rocket-propelled trajectory to all-time greatness.Golf has not struggled for the bold, with Ricky Fowler hardly a shy character, nor has it been wanting for talent, with Rory Mc Ilroy and Dustin Johnson among those playing lights-out golf.But Spieth is so young and so phenomenally gifted that he alone has the chance to step up and become a dominant player and brand in a way not seen since that trademark red polo was swaggering victoriously down final fairways around the globe, becoming a global name outside the sport.Woods’ biggest mistake, analysed through the laser-corrected vision of hindsight, was allowing his public persona to become so stage-managed and artificial, so distant and divergent from his true self, that eventually it reached a breaking point.Sport loves bad boys and had Woods entered his career in a way that didn’t necessarily flaunt his vices but that showed him as normal human being, the fall from grace would almost certainly not have been so explosively catastrophic.

Ever since Tiger Woods’ fall from grace, there has been something of a longing within the sport for a superstar to replace him.Jordan Spieth’s latest feat – a third major before the age of 24 with his Open win at Royal Birkdale – is something only previously achieved by Jack Nicklaus.Sunday’s shot all the way from the practice ground, when struggling on the 13th, was reminiscent of Seve Ballesteros’ famous car park shot in his first Open win at Royal Lytham in 1979.A dual-purpose bike's tyres are often a limiting factor off-road but the XC's Metzeler Tourances are remarkably good at finding grip on dirt as well as Tarmac, at least in dry weather.The wire wheels' extra resilience is reassuring when thumping into potholes, too.