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If they don’t have to play catch-up then they can express their true antler growing capability.

There are many choices in commodity seeds that we have planted for whitetail over the years.

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However, be warned that even though they eat the rye grass or dwarf essex rape that you’ve planted for them, it may not be the best thing for them.

Many people think that they can solve everything by supplemental feeding.

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Food plots are going to decrease the average home range size for each deer and in doing so it will significantly increase your property’s carrying capacity!

Mossy Oak Bio Logic has taken science from the technologically advanced forage producers in New Zealand and brought it here to the United States.

The reason New Zealand is superior to us in this area is because of the “almighty dollar.” Two of the top three exports in their country are antler and venison!

On average, native vegetation will produce about 200 to 300 pounds of deer food annually at approximately 6% to 12% protein.

However, if they actually consumed that much you would see a browse line about 6 feet high and the habitat would be destroyed.