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Example: Approval on initial connection: Example: Approval after change of remote Host Key: This is the legacy behavior.It does not perform Host Key Verification and is considered unsafe. A Shared Agent is meant to be provisioned to Client Masters and therefore only connects when provisioned.The old 1.9.4 install was a 32-bit package but the new one is a 64-bit one, so the default install location switched from C:\Program Files (x86)\Git to C:\Program Files\Git. changed the git path to the new location (in x86 Program Files). We removed these items, but still Jenkins seemed to be holding on to the values.I had the 64-bit path configured on the Jenkins master (since it had the newer Git version), but some slaves still had the older 32-bit version installed, so the slaves were attempting to use an incorrect path. After a bit of troubleshooting: restarting Jenkins; restarting the Jenkins server; setting the EVs at the node level; etc., we restarted the Jenkins JNLP service on the Windows slave. I need some help here, It's been a week I'm with this problem, can't figure out what's going on.I'm not able to clone a git repo from a slave node (Jenkins).Connections will be denied until until the host key matches the configuration key.Key exchange was not finished, connection is closed. IOException: There was a problem while connecting to [AGENT_HOSTNAME]:22 Until now, SSH Agent were launched without using any Host Key verification which was a security concern.

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You need to specify a separate Git For Windows that points to the windows version: Go to Windows Services on the slave -- Start Menu, type "services" Select the Jenkins Slave service in the list on the right Right-click and select "Properties" of the Jenkins Slave service Select the "Log On" tab Update the username and password used in manual tests Domain login can be specificied with command always inherits its process owner, which may make a difference, even if the two owners of Jenkins (SYSTEM) and cmd (USER) seem to have the same rights on your system.

I have the same problem on a Windows 7 (64) master trying to connect to a private repo.

One job can not connect at all (with the above error), others all the time without problems, a few experience the error arbtrarily.

[04/03/17 ] [SSH] WARNING: No entry currently exists in the Known Hosts file for this host.

Connections will be denied until this new host and its associated key is added to the Known Hosts file.