Updating the us constitution

If the Constitution could speak, it would cry out, as in Alice's Wonderland, "Update me!

" An important point is that the Constitution was written to be the basis for new law made by Congress.

His left arm goes high in the air, waving the bible of his conservatism, the U. Constitution, one of the most radical political documents ever written. It has become Holy Writ, appealed to in the same breath as God himself, who apparently was present in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, guiding the unruly convention toward the ultimate wisdom represented by their proposed constitution. Santorum and his flock: The Constitution is not biblical. It was a compromise disliked by many (Benjamin Franklin, for example).

It was clear to them that the gentry needed to control the government.The goals are first to have a modern, readable document, with the practical value that it can be read and understood by all, and second to finally make it our Constitution, not just that of the 18th century founders. When a law reaches the point of obsolescence where judicial decisions based on it depend largely on who the judge is, it has become a useless, indeed a dangerous, law.They originated it and wrote it to solve the problems of their time, but it must be every generation's responsibility to ensure that it's up to date and serves the needs of the new present. Our Constitution has reached that point: on constitutional issues our Supreme Court now represents a Rule of men, not a Rule of law.We don't just have 27 amendments, we have many more, due to the Court's reinterpretations of what the founders probably thought were clear words.For example, the founders wrote in the First Amendment that "Congress shall make no law..." establishing religion, restricting freedom of speech, etc. 1, 1947), the Supreme Court ruled that the meaning of the first amendment would now change, it was to apply to the states as well as to the feds.