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Ne copier jamais le dossier data entre les différentes versions, vous courez à la catastrophe.Maria DB 5.5.54 x86Maria DB 10.1.19 x86 Maria DB 10.1.20 x86 Maria DB 10.1.21 x86 Maria DB 10.1.22 x86 Maria DB 10.1.23 x86 Maria DB 10.1.25 x86 Maria DB 10.1.26 x86 Maria DB 10.1.28 x86Maria DB 10.1.29 x86Maria DB 10.2.6 x86 Maria DB 10.2.7 x86 Maria DB 10.2.8 x86 Maria DB 10.2.9 x86 Maria DB 10.2.10 x86Maria DB 10.2.11 x86Maria DB 5.5.54 x64Maria DB 10.1.19 x64 Maria DB 10.1.20 x64 Maria DB 10.1.21 x64 Maria DB 10.1.22 x64 Maria DB 10.1.23 x64 Maria DB 10.1.25 x64 Maria DB 10.1.26 x64 Maria DB 10.1.28 x64Maria DB 10.1.29 x64Maria DB 10.2.6 x64 Maria DB 10.2.7 x64 Maria DB 10.2.8 x64 Maria DB 10.2.9 x64 Maria DB 10.2.10 x64Maria DB 10.2.11 x64\.You will have Wampserver 3.0.3 and all the addons available.In addition this will install Apache 2.4.18, PHP 5.6.18 and 7.0.3, My SQL 5.6.29 and Php My Admin 3.0.3 - 64 bit x64Process :- Exit Wampserver 2.5- Install or repair the aforementioned VC packages (VC9, VC10, VC11, VC13 and VC14).- Despite all the testing, errors may exist, therefore make a backup or the entire `\wamp\ folder somewhere safe- Run the install of, Wampserver 2.5 -Php My Admin 4.5.2 Php Sys Info 3.2.4Php My Admin Sys Info 3.2.5 x86 Php Sys Info 3.2.6 x86 Php Sys Info 3.2.7 x86Php Sys Info 3.2.8 x86Php Sys Info 3.2.5 x64 Php Sys Info 3.2.6 x64 Php Sys Info 3.2.7 x64Php Sys Info 3.2.8 x64Php My Admin 4.5.5 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin (x86 et x64)Php My Admin 4.6.0 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.6.1 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.6.2 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.6.3 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.6.4 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.6.5 (x86 et x64)Php My Admin (x86 et x64) Php My Admin (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.6.6 (x86 et x64)Php My Admin 4.7.0 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.7.1 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.7.2 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.7.3 (x86 et x64)Php My Admin 4.7.4 (x86 et x64) Php My Admin 4.7.5 (x86 et x64)Php My Admin 4.7.6 (x86 et x64)Adminer 4.2.4 x86 Adminer 4.2.4 x64 Adminer 4.2.5 x86 Adminer 4.2.5 x64 Adminer 4.3.0 x86 Adminer 4.3.0 x64Adminer 4.3.1 x86 Adminer 4.3.1 x64PHP 5.3.29 x86PHP 5.4.45 x86PHP 5.5.30 x86 PHP 5.5.31 x86 PHP 5.5.32 x86 PHP 5.5.33 x86 PHP 5.5.34 x86 PHP 5.5.35 x86 PHP 5.5.36 x86 PHP 5.5.37 x86PHP 5.5.38 x86PHP 5.6.16 x86 PHP 5.6.17 x86 PHP 5.6.18 x86 PHP 5.6.19 x86 PHP 5.6.20 x86 PHP 5.6.21 x86 PHP 5.6.22 x86 PHP 5.6.23 x86PHP 5.6.24 x86 PHP 5.6.25 x86 PHP 5.6.26 x86 PHP 5.6.27 x86 PHP 5.6.28 x86 PHP 5.6.29 x86 PHP 5.6.30 x86 PHP 5.6.31 x86PHP 5.6.32 x86PHP 7.0.0 x86 PHP 7.0.1 x86 PHP 7.0.2 x86 PHP 7.0.3 x86 PHP 7.0.4 x86 PHP 7.0.5 x86 PHP 7.0.6 x86 PHP 7.0.7 x86PHP 7.0.8 x86 PHP 7.0.9 x86 PHP 7.0.10 x86 PHP 7.0.11 x86 PHP 7.0.12 x86 PHP 7.0.13 x86 PHP 7.0.14 x86 PHP 7.0.15 x86PHP 7.0.16 x86 PHP 7.0.17 x86 PHP 7.0.18 x86 PHP 7.0.19 x86 PHP 7.0.20 x86 PHP 7.0.21 x86 PHP 7.0.22 x86 PHP 7.0.23 x86PHP 7.0.24 x86 PHP 7.0.25 x86PHP 7.0.26 x86PHP 7.1.0 x86 PHP 7.1.1 x86 PHP 7.1.2 x86 PHP 7.1.3 x86 PHP 7.1.4 x86 PHP 7.1.5 x86 PHP 7.1.6 x86 PHP 7.1.7 x86 PHP 7.1.8 x86PHP 7.1.9 x86 PHP 7.1.10 x86 PHP 7.1.11 x86PHP 7.1.12 x86PHP 7.2.0 x86PHP 5.6.17 x64 PHP 5.6.18 x64 PHP 5.6.19 x64 PHP 5.6.20 x64 PHP 5.6.21 x64 PHP 5.6.22 x64 PHP 5.6.23 x64 PHP 5.6.24 x64PHP 5.6.25 x64 PHP 5.6.26 x64 PHP 5.6.27 x64 PHP 5.6.28 x64 PHP 5.6.29 x64 PHP 5.6.30 x64 PHP 5.6.31 x64PHP 5.6.32 x64PHP 7.0.1 x64 PHP 7.0.2 x64 PHP 7.0.3 x64 PHP 7.0.4 x64 PHP 7.0.5 x64 PHP 7.0.6 x64 PHP 7.0.7 x64 PHP 7.0.8 x64PHP 7.0.9 x64 PHP 7.0.10 x64 PHP 7.0.11 x64 PHP 7.0.12 x64 PHP 7.0.13 x64 PHP 7.0.14 x64 PHP 7.0.15 x64 PHP 7.0.16 x64PHP 7.0.17 x64 PHP 7.0.18 x64 PHP 7.0.19 x64 PHP 7.0.20 x64 PHP 7.0.21 x64 PHP 7.0.22 x64 PHP 7.0.23 x64PHP 7.0.24 x64 PHP 7.0.25 x64PHP 7.0.26 x64PHP 7.1.0 x64 PHP 7.1.1 x64 PHP 7.1.2 x64 PHP 7.1.3 x64 PHP 7.1.4 x64 PHP 7.1.5 x64 PHP 7.1.6 x64 PHP 7.1.7 x64 PHP 7.1.8 x64PHP 7.1.9 x64 PHP 7.1.10 x64 PHP 7.1.11 x64PHP 7.1.12 x64PHP 7.2.0 x64 The transfer of databases between different versions of My SQL or Maria DB should be performed by EXPORT / IMPORT of SQL files using php My Admin or a similiar tools of your choice.

Coluche »« It's not because they are many to be wrong, they are necessarily right.We need the folder to host the site exists before creating the Virtual Host, we must create it whith File Explorer, launched as administrator(See bottom of page *) :- Move in the disk tree to where we want to create the folder " localhost We arrive on the home page Wampserver, without Your Virtual Hosts menu in the lower right (This is normal, just after installing Wampserver)- Click Add Virtual Host in your Tools menu at the bottom left We arrive on the Add Virtualhost page in which it is required to validate the Virtual Host submenu, then:- Right-Click Wampserver Icon - Virtual Hosts submenu We reload the Add Virtual Host page via the options of the browser or by clicking on the link at the top Add a Virtual Host There, a green border box message indicates things to do, no problem, it'll be all alone if you click on the large button down, noted:- Click on "Start the automatic correction of errors inside the green borders panel"Arriving there, everything is ready in order to create his first Virtual Host- In the form-- For « Name of the Virtual Host No diacritical characters (éçëñ) - No space - No underscore(_) », we type:\And validates the form by the button:- Start the creation of the Virtual Host As stated: It can take some time.After this "time" it is stated that unfortunately certain operations required for the recognition by Windows and and Apache of this new Virtual Host can not be performed automatically by the browser, so, as shown:- Right-Click Wampmanager Icon -/) (Without parentheses).Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows Windows 10, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista Service Pack 2Follow the links on this page for your specific environment Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows Sometimes Microsoft disables surreptitiously certain pages on VC redistributable packages, without redirecting and without specifying the new page.You can find all the necessary files on in section Visual C Redistribuable Packages.-- The installer must be run "as an administrator" --Download Links : Wampserver 3.1.0 32 bit x86Wampserver 3.1.0 64 bit x64Nota : It is possible to do silent install by command line 'as an administrator':wampserver3.1.0_x86/DIR="C:\wamp" /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXESorwampserver3.1.0_x64/DIR="C:\wamp" /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXESYoy may replace install dir.