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At her engagement ceremony, more than 50 guests were her celebrities friends.

Her co-star, Bolin from In Time with You specifically travelled from China to Taiwan to attend her engagement banquet. He said, “Ariel initially did not dare to tell me truth.

Because of this, I ask the media to please give him and his family the private space they need.

I only wish the wonderful him can find the right girl for him, giving him what I lack, and a complete happiness.

Chen Qiao En leads the pack following by Nicky Wu, Bolin Chen, Wallace Huo, and Joe Cheng rounding out the top five.

All are extremely active in filming and/or producing C-dramas and it’s nice to see a lady out earning her male counterparts.

[ 10538] They ended filming in April and met again only in December for drama promotion, and have repeatedly denied rumors in interviews, their parents met on set, please try to fool the public only when you get pictures of the two of them together thank you 2.

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[ 803] I've lost my love, but Chen is old she's already 39, I've seen her in real life she's beyond ugly, but there are too many kiss scenes in this drama it's easy for them to feel affection for each other, pretty normal 4.

Ariel has been dating an older non-entertainment industry boyfriend for the last two years, and TW-news exploded this week with the confirmation of the long simmering rumors that Ariel and her boyfriend have ended their relationship.

Ariel personally posted a very lengthy and heartfelt statement on her weibo, which I have translated below.

Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another actor (she’s never dated any of her co-stars or anyone in the entertainment industry since she debuted), she has such explosive and brilliant chemistry with ALL her male co-stars there are legions of Ariel fans who ship her with a former co-star.

I don’t blame them, she makes it hard to believe it’s just acting when you see her onscreen all in love.