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”, Romeo is left feeling that that could be the case … When we chatted with the No Limit Forever CEO, he opened up about how he really feels now that Angela has permanently moved on. “We had such a good time on together and this role is kind of perfect for him, it’s an edgy movie, buts it’s funny.He’s got the best sense of humor of anybody I know.” BRIGHT debuts on Netflix December 22. So, since Angela’s experiencing her happily ever after, does that mean Romeo is wallowing in regret?The stars will be tackling this subject and many more on the second season of their hit WEtv show. But when asked why was Rev Run’s daughter so guarded about her new man, he revealed that Angela just likes to keep things to herself. this is her life where she’s in the spotlight so it’s kinda a contradiction.” You can see more of the Romeo/Angela saga on director David Ayer for the film, and would “work with him whenever he wants to.“ “I love his madness how he creates,” gushes Smith.

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He assumed the alias "Son of Kurtis Blow", but later changed it to "Run".Other cast members include: TJ Mizell, Kristinia De Barge, Boogie Dash and Egypt Criss.In September 2016 she gave birth to a baby boy and she is engaged to Sutton Joseph Tennyson. He and wife Tanice Amira have a daughter, Mia, born February 20, 2016..News of Angela’s engagement and pregnancy seems to surprise the entire cast, including Damon “Boogie” Dash, Kristinia De Barge, TJ Mizell and Egypt Criss, but it’s Miller who is dealt the biggest blow. “How he thinks about scenes, the way he works with actors, it’s some of the best psychological work of any director I’ve ever worked with.” In the film Smith plays an LAPD cop in a mythical world of orcs, elves and fairies …And when his sister Cymphonique ask him the million dollar question, “Is Angela the one that got away? and Ayer told us, he couldn’t think of anyone better for the role.